corplife Lunch
The digital meal ticket
in the form of an app
With corplife Lunch you support your team's daily meal with up to € 8,- tax-free, simple and sustainable.
Die digitale Essensmarke in Form einer App
Redeemable everywhere
Redeemable everywhere
Goodbye partner restaurants and paper vouchers! Employees decide for themselves where and what they want to eat for lunch, because corplife Lunch App applies everywhere.
Employees decide for themselves where and what they want to eat for lunch, because corplife Lunch App applies everywhere in Austria.
Advantages at a glance
Effective tool for
Employee retention
Taxes, time and
Save resources
Arbeitgeber können die Höhe des Essenszuschusses flexibel anpassen. Einfach im Admin Portal die gewünschte Höhe einstellen und die Wertschätzung der Mitarbeiter erhöhen.
In principle, you may finance your employees' lunch from the supermarket with up to €2,- and in the restaurant with up to €8,-.
Height of the 
Food subsidy
Amount of the meal subsidy
You want your employees to feel appreciated, but you're on a tight budget? No problem. Employers can flexibly adjust the amount of the meal allowance in the Admin Portal.
You want your employees to feel appreciated, but you're on a tight budget? No problem. Employers can set the amount of the meal allowance in the admin portal.
adapt flexibly.
Meal allowance as
significant extra pay
Meal allowance as a noticeable salary extra
More net from the gross! With corplife Lunch, your employees receive a wage increase of up to € 146 per month. Lunch vouchers can be collected and used cumulatively within a month, whether in the office or home office.
It's that simple

Enjoy a meal

Eat out, shop or have it delivered.

Submit invoice

Photograph the receipt and upload it to the app.


Get money back with next salary.
Nie mehr in Vorleistung gehen oder auf Auszahlung warten! Mit der corplife Lunch Debitkarte können Mitarbeiter ihr Mittagessen in jedem Restaurant oder Supermarkt bezahlen.
Even easier with the corplife Lunch debit card
Meal allowance as a noticeable salary extra
Employers set a monthly bonus amount and upload it to the app for all their employees. They can use this credit to pay for their lunch via a digital corplife debit card at any restaurant or supermarket. They do not have to pay in advance and wait until the end of the month for payment.
Customer testimonials
corplife has been a reliable partner for us for many years. The cooperation with corplife always works flawlessly and you can be sure that every wish will be met. Extensive offers and benefits not only increase the satisfaction of colleagues in the company, but also promote friendships and contacts among each other.
The benefits of corplife are an additional factor for the satisfaction of our staff. The cooperation with corplife creates added value for our employees, enhances our image as an employer and thus binds the employees even more strongly to the company. The support from corplife and the services provided are also top-notch!
With corplife, we have found a competent partner to offer our employees a wide range of benefits. We are very satisfied with the cooperation, appreciate the professional platform and love the easy handling. Thanks to the team for the continuous development and the sensational offers.
corplife helps us to achieve more growth and awareness among a new attractive and affluent target group.
We have been working with corplife for 7 years now - and were one of the first customers. In the next few years, we will push the cooperation with corplife in the marketing of our products and look forward to further great results.
corplife-Carola Staudinger-kundenaussage
The quality of the target group is unique, no other channel can match it.
Sounds exciting?
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