Explore our range of coporate benefit & expense optimization products.

Not only is CorpLife one of the leading exclusive employee benefit platforms in Europe, we also offer a comprehensive suite of expense optimization products to ease the workload on your employees, ensuring a more productive workday, and even more leisure in their time spent away from the company.

Be it a nice stroll on the beach attained at bargain prices, or knowing your next business lunch is taken care of; our products will make both you and your employees feel delighted and at ease, making sure that they add that little extra to your job you simply don’t want to miss.

Our Products

Clevexa helps you to get rid of slow and outdated processes to free your employees time for the things that really matter.

The four integrated tools not only help your company to save time and resources, but also give your employees the possibility to work more efficiently and lift your business to the next level.

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Our exclusive benefits platform offers a wealth of lavish possibilities and benefits for your employees your employees, so they can spend their leisure-time in style.

The highly customizable online-platform is exclusive to employees and offers attractive, local and international offers with new ones added every week, so everyone can find something to their liking. Employee-satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Additional Services


Fringe benefits directly implemented in our Mitarbeiterwelt Platform


Healthy body, healthy mind. Keep fit with our health programmes.

Event Planning

We offer event planning services for our partners. No occasion is too small (or too big!)

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About our Company

Founded in 2015, Corplife is headquartered in Vienna with a satellite office in Bratislava. A young and dynamic team is hard at work to make sure that we remain one of the most innovative companies in our field, be it by offering awesome deals on even more awesome activities or leading the charge in using cutting edge technology to make the lives of employees around the world easier and more fun.
We believe that a fun and unconventional work-environment is the catalyst behind getting the most out of our team; so between making our sales-calls from the riverside or spontaneous planking, work is always fun at CorpLife.

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