Terms of Service

  1. Validity: The platform operated by Corplife (website www.corplife.at) offers vouchers for services or goods of other companies (partners or partner companies). For the purchase of all vouchers for Corplife, as well as for the use of the services of Corplife, the following terms and conditions apply exclusively (hereinafter “GTC”). These Terms and Conditions are binding on all current and future transactions conducted through the Corplife powered platform. Deviating from or additional to these terms and conditions shall only become part of the contract if expressly confirmed in writing by Corplife.
  1. Service: The publisher of the vouchers and debtors of the services or goods specified in the vouchers are the partners specified in each case who provide these services on the basis of their respective general terms and conditions. Corplife itself does not owe the provision of the services specified in the vouchers or the delivery of the specified goods, but merely that the voucher gives the purchaser of the voucher a right to the provision of services by the partner granted. The vouchers acquired through Corplife are either aimed at a specific service (experience voucher), a specific product (goods voucher) or a specific service or goods value (voucher).
  1. Availability of the Terms and Conditions: These Terms and Conditions of Corplife are accepted by the corresponding button, which contains a link to the currently valid terms and conditions, is confirmed by the purchaser during the ordering process. The terms of use can be retrieved at any time under Terms and Conditions (Link), printed out or stored locally. Acceptance of the Terms of Use is required for each individual case of a voucher purchase on www.corplife.at.
  1. Offer and Acceptance: The submission of an offer for the purchase of a voucher via Corplife is made by confirming the button “Buy” on the homepage: As soon as the desired number of vouchers is selected, the acquirer will receive name, e-mail address, credit card information, PayPal Account details or bank account details. The submission of the purchase offer takes place by confirming the conditions of use and pressing the button “Buy”. The acceptance of the purchase contract by Corplife takes place with the confirmation in the form of sending the coupon code.
    The purchaser can redeem the voucher in printed form in the respective partner business or with the corresponding partner.
  1. Right of Withdrawal and Withdrawal: Consumers may revoke their contractual agreement for the purchase of the voucher at any time without giving reasons in writing (eg letter or e-mail) or by returning the voucher or submitting the revocation form to Corplife and thus withdraw from the contract. The revocation is possible within a period of 14 calendar days, whereby the deadline of 14 calendar days begins on the day the contract is concluded.

Exclusion of the right of withdrawal: The consumer has acc. Section 18 (1) FAGG does not give the right of withdrawal from the purchase of vouchers, accommodation for accommodation other than habitation, transport of goods, rental of vehicles, and the provision of food and drink, as well as services related to recreational activities, if applicable Contractual performance is contractually provided by the contractor for a specific time or period.

Loss of the right of withdrawal: The purchaser of the voucher loses his right of withdrawal if he redeems the voucher for a service within 14 calendar days of conclusion of the contract and the service is provided in full. The acquirer has been informed of the loss of this right of withdrawal and has confirmed the knowledge of the loss of the right of withdrawal.

The revocation or the declaration of withdrawal from the contract must be sent to: service@corplife.at or Corplife GmbH, 30/2, Heiligenstädterstrasse 201 – 203, 1190 Vienna.

If the voucher has been redeemed by the partner but no service or service has been provided other than as described in the offer, the voucher amount paid by the customer will be returned to the customer in full within 5 working days after receipt of the revocation.

Consequences of Withdrawal : In the event of an effective cancellation, Corplife undertakes to refund the voucher price paid within 5 working days. The period begins for Corplife upon receipt of the revocation.

  1. Sale Period: The duration of the sale of a voucher is limited in time and is determined individually by Corplife for each offer. After the time has expired no further purchase is possible.
  2. Dispatch: The purchased voucher will not be shipped by Corplife until Corplife has successfully completed the receipt of payment from the acquirer.
  3. Resale: The resale of the vouchers is prohibited unless Corplife agrees to resell, and Corplife will not unreasonably refuse consent. In the event of a breach of this provision, Corplife reserves the right to assert any claims.
  4. Reproduction: All vouchers are provided with two unique code numbers, which the partner balances when redeeming the voucher with a list available to him. The voucher is transferable. Copying, editing or manipulating the vouchers is not permitted. Corplife reserves the right, in case of justified suspicion of unauthorized duplication, to pass on the stored data to the respective partner and to initiate legal action.
  5. Redemption: Unless otherwise stated, each voucher may be used only once, during a restaurant or shop visit, or when claiming a different experience (or purchase of another good) from the Partner. Unless otherwise stated, the voucher does not confer entitlement to use of services or the purchase of goods at any given time. Corplife recommends that the date of service provision be discussed individually with the partner.
  6. Exchange right: If a validity date is noted on the voucher, the voucher can only be redeemed at the partner within this validity period. If the voucher is not redeemed within the period of validity, the voucher can be exchanged at Corplife up to the amount of the purchase price of the exchanged voucher against other vouchers or the paid amount to the account, from which was paid, be referred back.
  7. Warranty: Corplife warrants that the Partner will redeem the voucher, i. the latter provides the services for the conditions vouched for in the voucher if the voucher is validly purchased and redeemed on time. Should problems arise in the redemption of the voucher or in the provision of the service, the purchaser has the opportunity to contact Corplife at the email address service@corplife.at or by phone.

Corplife does not warrant the products or services purchased by the customer from the partner. The performance represented in a voucher is provided by the respective partner to the customer in his own name and for his own account, which is why Corplife is not liable to the customer for breach of duty by the partner in providing the service.

Corplife reserves the right to change, restrict or discontinue the scope and functionality of the website at any time. This includes malfunctions for maintenance work, further development and / or other disruptions that may restrict and / or temporarily interrupt usage options. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to data loss. Corplife therefore does not warrant the availability of the service or the absence of technical malfunctions or data loss.

  1. Liability:  Liability for negligently inflicted damage is excluded. This limitation of liability does not apply to damages culpably caused by Corflife in case of injury to life or body. Entrepreneurs within the meaning of the UGB have to prove the existence of intent or gross negligence. Entrepreneurs are excluded from all liability, including liability for lost profits and other consequential damages. The liability to entrepreneurs for gross negligence is also limited to the value of the voucher.
  1. Copyright: Corplife and its affiliates retain all copyright and other rights in the Service and the published content, information, images, videos and databases (hereinafter referred to as “protected property”). Any modification, duplication, publication, disclosure to third parties and / or other use of the protected property without the prior written consent of Corplife or the partner concerned is expressly prohibited. In the event of a breach of this provision, Corplife reserves the right to assert any claims.
  1. Collection and use of personal data: By purchasing a voucher, the purchaser agrees that Corplife uses personal data, in particular names (first and last name), address, telephone number and e-mail address as well as IP address, in order to maintain contact with the Maintain customers and send exclusive offers or selective information on news from Corplife. Purpose of the data processing is the fulfillment of the contract concluded with the customer. The customer has the opportunity at any time and without giving reasons to revoke the consent to the use of this personal data with immediate effect. The revocation must be sent by email to service@corplife.at. Of course, after receipt of the revocation, the data will not be processed further, if the processing is not necessary for the fulfillment of a contract or a legal obligation. Incidentally, reference is made to the information contained on our website on the subject of “data protection” (http://www.corplife.at/datenschutz/), as well as to the respective declaration of consent.
  1. Customization:: Corplife may adjust these Terms of Use from time to time, for example, to enforce legal requirements or to consider changes in functionality. The current GTC are available under AGB (Link). With confirmation of the terms and conditions in the context of a new order process after the publication of changes, the currently valid form of the GTC becomes part of the contract. The changed conditions apply exclusively to the future purchase of vouchers on the website. If the purchaser does not agree with the changed terms of use, no further voucher purchases can be made. Should individual provisions of these GTC or of the contract concluded with the contracting party be wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract.
  1. Governing Law: Substantive Austrian law applies, excluding the reference standards and the UN Sales Convention. For consumers, this choice of law applies only insofar as compelling provisions of the law of the state in which the consumer has his habitual residence are not suppressed. For contracts with merchants and consumer transactions, where at the time of action no domicile or habitual residence in Austria, or inland employment, is the place of fulfillment Vienna and exclusive place of jurisdiction is Vienna (or the competent court for Vienna Inner City court). The authority of Corplife in this case to call another court competent for you remains unaffected.

As of: June 2018

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