Module Daily Allowance

Never before has daily allowance been recorded that easily and quickly.

Module Business meals

Book a table and save at every meal.

Module Driver’s log

Choose your own path. Look at the street, we count the kilometres.

Module Recording of invoices

With Clevexa you can easily and quickly submit your travel expenses on the way.

The most innovative solution since the creation of daily allowances.

Your employees record their business trips easily and safely via the app and thereby avoid a huge amount of administrative work.

  • Automatic calculation of the daily allowance nationally and internationally.
  • Collective agreements and company agreements can be integrated.
  • Recording transparently via app.

Booking & Payment of Business meals

Choose out of hundreds of restaurants throughout Austria. The payment is conducted cashless via app. You additionally have the advantage to benefit from up to 30% discount at the chosen restaurants.

  • Hundreds of restaurants in Austria with huge discounts.
  • Cashless and safe payment with our app.
  • Collective invoice of all restaurant visits once a month.

Manage your driver’s log digitally.

Fasten your seatbelt: From now on you won’t need pen and paper in order to keep track of of your business trips. A tax compliant driver’s log is just a tap away.

  • The kilometre allowance is recorded automatically via app during business trips.
  • Digital driver’s log for saving up to 50% on private use addition (Sachbezug) for driving less than 6000 kilometres privately per year.
  • Usable for company cars, pool cars & private cars.

Record invoices comfortably with your phone.

Take a picture, submit expenses and obtain approval. In just a few seconds you can thereby bill your expenses and avoid a lot of administrative work.

  • No piles of paperwork.
  • Faster refund of travel expenses.
  • Time saving of up to 80% for travel expense accounting.

Your savings with Clevexa

100 Anzahl der Mitarbeiter


25 Average cost per working hour


48 Working hours to process expenses



With Clevexa, a company employing 100 people can save approximately 4800 working hours a year, which are not used to do tasks associated with expenses.

(Other benefits such as restaurant discounts are not included in this calculation.)

Savings per year by Clevexa

Costs per month

ab €9.70 /User

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Your Benefits

Every minute that your employees spend on taking care of their expeneses is taking valuable minutes out of the time they could be working for you. Clevexa eliminates these tasks, comletely automating them through innovative solutions, combining a well thought out website with a clever app utilizing all systems modern smartphones have to offer.
Not only does Clevexa enable you to have full transparency over the expenses your employees are creating, it also helps you manage and optimize costs by offering great deals on meals as well as ways to reduce expenditures when it comes to transportation.

Clevexa in Your Company

How can I get Clevexa for my business?

Please fill out this form and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you as soon as possible to create a customized offer for your company.

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