Work-life balance.

These after-work hobbies affect our careers positively. 

In our blogs we often talk about work-life balance. But why? Our corporate philosophy is to make our users’ leisure time more attractive so that they are motivated to do their job. Today we will discuss the term “work-life balance” itself. Here are two reasons why:

  • A recent research of experts from Australia, Hong-Kong and China found that after-work activities shape our proactive behavior and our job performances. But not all after-work activities help to improve our performances. Do your hobbies have positive impacts?
  • The trend goes currently towards mixing private and working life. Do you feel familiar with this situation?

In the following blog we will discuss the term work-life balance and find out which hobbies to choose in order to be successful in your job. In addition, you will find hints to manage your private and working life. 

The meaning of work-life balance.

Work–life balance is the lack of opposition between work and other life roles. It is the state of equilibrium in which demands of personal life, professional life, and family life are equal. Sometimes there are situations which require more time and consequently other activities such as hobbies have to be postponed. Such a temporary imbalance is nothing extraordinary, but it shouldn’t be the status quo.

Some tips for a perfect work-life balance.

by Bru-No on Pixabay

#1: Correct time management for your job.

Some days you will hurry from one meeting to another. You will hardly be able to work. Therefore you should save time slots for doing some work. You should also note the time slot in your agenda so that you won’t be disrupted by colleagues. 

Another tip: Do not deal with private issues at work and vice versa.

#2: The right after-work activity.

As already mentioned, the research which was published in 2019 said, that the right after-work activities do have positive impacts on our motivation and our job performances. That, however, only applies to activities that challenge mind and body, researchers found. After-work activities should strengthen your self-confidence and improve the quality of your sleep. As a result, you will act proactively at work. 

Just try some new activities. How about dancing or language classes, for example? 

#CorpLifeTip: If you work in an office where you spend most of the time with sitting, we recommend to do some sports after work. The purpose of doing sports is not to lose weight or to gain muscle mass, the important thing is to move your body. Exercise will help you feel better and reduce stress.

#3: Separate work and private life.

I guess we all have read and answered at least once our emails at home or on vacation. Maybe you have even worked out or worked on some things for your job.

Do not take work home. If you are fully concentrated and work productively, you definitely deserve your leisure time.

by Efdal YILDIZ on Pexels

How do you organize your work-life balance?

Now our tips are presented, we would like to know how you organize your work-life balance. Please feel free to leave a comment below or to share your experiences and strategies with us.

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30. July 2019



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